Join Our Team


If you have experience in the following and are able to meet our exacting requirements we would love to hear from you;

Hospitality Staff
and are, appealing, charismatic, hard-working, reliable,

experienced personnel.

Promotional Staff and are, intelligent, professional, effective, highly motivated, attractive professionals.

Exhibition Stand Staff and are, hard-working, experienced professionals, able to generate the results our clients desire for their investment.

To apply to join our team you will need to email to

The following:

  1. A current relevant CV.
  2. Your education
  3. Your Stats.
  4. A personal statement.
  5. Do your drive/own a car.
  6. Your location.
  7. An anytime phone number.
  8. Most importantly we will need good, well lit (with plain background)
    head and shoulders and full length photographs with well groomed smart
    businesslike enthusiastic, charismatic, appealing images please.